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Eroga, Revilan, Maim, and Shred! by Rosewhiplash
Eroga, Revilan, Maim, and Shred!
Oh, you know, just one big happy family. An orc with her belf boyfriend she's kind of ashamed of, and her two babies. Who happen to be worgs. Don't take her helm, Rev. She cuts bitches for that.

Done by the bestest Nanihoo!
Aniron the apothecary by Rosewhiplash
Aniron the apothecary
A perfect rendition of my blood elf apothecary, Aniron Sunblade. Done by the ever insanely talented Nanihoo.

There's no question that this is the scarred up, frail blood elf mage I raised from a wee babee in BC. I haven't played her in WoW for a long while now, but I still RP her and keep her story going. <3


Rosewhiplash's Profile Picture
United States
I'm not an artist. Boo me! But I seem to get art done for me, which is super amazing. So I'll post that stuff here, and try to include the artist who did it if I'm able!
I'm new to Deviant Art even though I've known about it for awhile. I can't really draw to save my life, but I enjoy doing poetry and writing short stories about my rp characters (they're good believe it or not). I don't get on much, and there probably won't be too many entries since I don't have my own computer, but view anyways , please! Well, that's about it, I guess. To get to know me better, you can go to my Myspace(url is pocket_goth, display is You're In The Corner For 50 Combo Points!). Thanks!

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